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It is free to add resum to the platform. Just create an account and upload your resume (CV).

Add your Resume.

We recommend using our resume format to build your profile online. This has the advantage of having a nice looking of your resume, with useful information for recruiters. You can add your resume as an attachment in case the employers or recruiters want to know more about you.

Advantages of the personal professional space

Adding your CV/Resume would allow you to apply for openings that are published on the platform. And you can be found by Recruiters and Employers seeking Talents in Africa. A dashboard will be creted for you where you can view all jour job applications, your job alert subscriptions and interact with the Kaleta team.

Your Kaleta account offers you a professional space to ensure your visibility and draw the world’s attention to you, as a Talent. You can access your space at any time by using the username and password (associated with your email address).

Your new professional journey starts with adding your resume to the Kaleta database.

Adding Resume, Resume Check