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The resume review is a free service that Kaleta offers to professionals who are registered on the job board. The purpose is to help our members to understand the requirements of employers and recruiters regarding the resume content.

Unless you know the employer or have been recommended especially, the CV is the only tool available to you for your application to be considered or whose. It requires particular care in its development and presentation.

Kaleta experts review your resume to verify the following:
1) Does the CV contain the essential elements that human resources take into account with respect to your education , professional skills and experiences?
2) Does the CV contain strong words that are important to recruiters?
3) Is the language used appropriate or are there errors that will repel the person reading the CV?
4) Is the overall length and format of the document suitable for the field in which you want to find a job?

Check the career resources page about the resume check process.

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