Publication of Award of Contract For Consulting Services

For Projects Financed by The African Development Bank




Publication date: May 21, 2018

Country: ECOWAS Commission, Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia


Name of Project/Study: Multinational Côte d’Ivoire/Guinea/Liberia: Road Development and Transport Facilitation Programme within the Mano River Union (PAR-FT/UFM)

Loan/Grant Number: 5900150000351 and 5900150000352

Name of Request for Proposals (RFP): Consulting Service for the Supervision of Construction of Border Bridge over Cavalla River between the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire and Republic of Liberia at Prollo including Approach Roads along the Tabou-Harper Highway

Selection Method: Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS)



Date of publication of EOI: May 21, 2018

Date of publication of RFP: November 6, 2019

Technical Proposals opening date: March 18, 2020

Financial Proposals opening date: February 9, 2021

Date of approval by the Bank of the draft negotiated Contract: June 11, 2021



Name of Selected Consultant: AIM CONSULTANTS LIMITED

Nationality: Nigeria

Address: AIM Plaza, Plot 267A, Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island Annex, P.O.Box 516 Marina, Lagos State, Nigeria

Technical Score: 87.72 

Combined Score: 90.18

Contract Award Price: $US1 042 963.8

Contract Start date: Thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of Commencement Order of the services and the consultants making the key team shall be deployed the same day. A kick-off meeting will be held one (1) week after the consultant received the Commencement Order of the services.

Contract Duration: The time period shall be Forty-one and half (41.5) months including 12 months defect liability period


Summary of Scope of Contract Awarded:


  1. For Engineering Design Review of Cavalla Bridge Technical Studies

The Consultant shall mobilize some key personnel to undertake a detailed engineering design review of the French version of the existing technical studies for the Cavalla Bridge which was conducted in May 2012 by BNETD, with the view of updating the studies to provide the required documents (Standard Bidding Documents, Design Report, Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Geotechnical Report, Survey Report, Priced & Unpriced Bill of Quantities, Structural, Civil, Architectural, Electrical and Mechanical drawings and Standard Technical Specifications etc) in French and English.

  1. For Works Procurement

During bidding for works, the Consultant shall designate an expert who will prepare the General Procurement Notice and Specific Procurement Notice, organize site visit, arrange and attend pre-bid submission meeting. The expert will prepare minutes of the pre-bid-submission meeting including the text of the questions raised and the response given.






  1. For Supervision

To effectively and to the highest professional standards, fulfil the role as the Engineer on behalf of the Employer, to supervise all the activities of the works contractor throughout the construction period, including the defects liability period, and in accordance with the General and Special Conditions of Contract, the Technical Specifications and Engineering Drawings.


Total Number of Proposals Received: Five (5) Proposals were received


For each Consultant:


Consultant 2

Name: Consortium GAUFF GmBH & CO. ENGINEERING KG (Lead) / CIRA / SA

Nationality: GERMANY

Address: GAUFF GmBH & CO. ENGINEERING KGPassauer Str. 90480 Nuremberg/Allemagne

Technical Points: 92.30

Evaluated Price: €1 187 323 ($US1 316 150.70)

Combined Points: 89.69

Ranking: 2nd


Consultant 3


Nationality: ITALY

Address: Via della Camilluccia n.589/C- 00135 Rome

Technical Points: 92.35

Evaluated Price: $US 616 750 and XOF689 725 000 ($US1 782 318.23)

Combined Points: 85.58

Ranking: 4th  


Consultant 4


Nationality: TUNISIA

Address: Les Jardins du Lac, 28 rue l’lle Zembretta, Tunis

Technical Points: 92.74

Evaluated Price: €1 932 554 and XOF801 216 250 ($US3 496 220.66)

Combined Points: 80.16

Ranking: 5th   


Consultant 5


Nationality: TUNISIA

Address: 2, rue, Sahab ibn Abbad- Cite a Jardins B.P. 16, 1002 Tunis-Belvedere

Technical Points: 95.01

Evaluated Price: €1 932 800 ($US2 159 705.79)

Combined Points: 85.67

Ranking: 3rd


N.B.: Any consultant who wishes to ascertain the grounds on which its proposal was not selected, should request an explanation from the Executing Agency. In any event, the Bank reserves the right to review any complaint of a bidder at any time following the award.

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