In fulfilling the scope of the position, the incumbent will perform the following duties

The Carter Center (TCC) has agreed to support Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists (MES) to assist with the pre-certification stage of the GWEPs in Chad. Through this agreement, these MES will help the GWEPs to implement GWEP standard operating procedures for 1) assessment of levels of awareness about the cash reward for reporting Guinea worm infections, 2) for assessment of the IDSR performance in response to the investigation, management, and reporting of rumors of GW infections, and 3) assist CGWEP national coordinator to monitor and evaluate the implementation of interventions put in place to interrupt GW transmission in endemic areas.. The MESs will work under the supervision of The Carter Center’s Country Representatives (CRs), and overall supervision of the National Coordinator, national GWEP coordinator/director.

Supervision – Technical

  • Assist with the planning, development, and execution of GWEP activities related to monitoring and evaluating cash reward awareness levels and IDSR system performance at all levels of surveillance:
  • Develop the 2019 monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan;
  • Assist the GWEP secretariat, as warranted, and participate in the monthly inter-sectoral GW Task Force Group meetings to report on the status of M&E activities during review of the status of the GWEP, including development of action steps to address issues concerning program implementation;
  • promote at district, region, and national levels the need to assist the GWEP to interrupt transmission of GW and disseminate campaign messages to increase awareness about the cash rewards for detection of human and animal infections; and
  • disseminate messages to increase awareness about the cash rewards for detection of human and animal infections; and
  • monitor the performance of the national surveillance system in responding to and reporting about investigations of rumors of possible GW infections.
  • Supervise M&E team:
  • serve as the direct supervisor, technical contact, and advisor to M&E team;
  • serve as the direct technical contact and advisor to field supervisors in matters related to M&E; and
  • validate adherence to GWEP technical guidelines and protocols (standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Assist the GWEP data manager to develop and maintain database for cash reward awareness data and performance of the district IDSR system in responding to rumors.
  • Interact with district and regional Ministry of Health staff in their supervisory and technical support roles to improve data collection and reporting, including accuracy, internal consistency, completeness and timeliness, and brief relevant health officials monthly.

Supervision – Support Services

  • Apprise the National Coordinator, GWEP and CR-TCC of any issues related to the following:
  • Status of program service delivery to endemic and/or formerly endemic communities.
  • Current status of cash reward awareness levels;
  • Challenges encountered/actions taken;
  • M&E team and field supervisor job performance; and
  • Formulate incisive, solution-oriented reports to the National GWEP Coordinator/Director, and CR-TCC as follow:
  • Weekly, verbal updates to the CR-TCC
  • Monthly, written 2-3 page report to the national coordinator/director with copies to the Country Representative, The Carter Center Director and Senior Associate Director GWEP detailing current status of cash reward awareness, summary of activities and actions taken, challenges, and recommendations. Report must include a monthly calendar activity.
  • Prepare an end-of-mission report for review and approval by national coordinator/director, The Carter Center Country Representative, GWEP Director, GWEP Associate Director, the Vice-President Health Programs, and Senior Director of the Office of International Program Support, The Carter Center. .

Training, as warranted.

  • With the National Coordinator, GWEP and CR-TCC, develop curriculum for, and train, field supervisors to ensure compliance with GWEP rumor reporting, investigation and documentation guidelines.
  • Train district and region surveillance officers and designated GWEP field supervisors in the implementation of surveillance, health education and awareness activities designed to detect and contain cases of GWD. Focus attention towards increasing reward awareness levels to 80% or higher.

Other Performance Expectations

  • Work with awareness of that the role of The Carter Center is to provide technical and financial assistance to the national GWEP, that countries are sovereign, that Carter Center staff must work in support of the national eradication effort and in close and harmonious collaboration with the National GWEP Coordinator/Director and program staff.
  • Represent the Carter Center with integrity, professionalism, and respect of persons, culture and traditions, and always aware that TCC is an organization founded and led by a former President of the USA, and that the high level of credibility and respect The Carter Center has earned in these countries must not be compromised.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements Are


  • At least 2 years of public health experience with community-based programs, preferably in Africa. MPH preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in development and implementation of an M&E plan, including design of assessment tools.
  • Demonstrated experience with the preparation of technical reports, budgets, plans of action, and management of inventories.
  • Demonstrated ability to build team work.
  • Ability to make sound work judgments under difficult conditions, and to become technically effective with minimal level of attention from supervisors.
  • Sound personal and professional conduct, and respect for the work of The Carter Center and of the Chad Ministry of Health.
  • MES are assigned to remote areas where disease transmission is endemic, and must be prepared to work and live in such areas.
  • Fluent in written and spoken French and English

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