conpic_2_-222x176The Talents values the African Diasporas’ professionals. That is why we created a space on the job board that targets jobs and consultancy opportunities that suit African citizens living abroad.

The opportunities

Every day, international development agencies, NGOs, consulting firms and Governments seek professionals with spectific qualifications and references. African countries citizens who live in the diasporas are mainly well educated. Many of them master the challenges on the continent.
Hundreds of positions are always available for those people on the field in Africa or at the headquaters of employers.

The organizational framework

DiasporasTalents is a partnership project with Africa Label Group Inc, the leading international development consulting firm. With over 15 years experience working on various development and governance programs in Africa, ALG offers tremendous opportunities for consultancy, long term and short term engagements.

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The tools

DiasporasTalents is also a directory of Africans with high academic and professional qualifications, ready to get involved in international development opportunities throughout the contiment. We keep the database for employers and recruiters who seek talents for their programs and assignments. Resumes are broadcasted within the development agencies’ network.